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2012 Keystone Foal Sale, Meadville, PA

Ju-Ly Kalico (above & below)
Sired by: Donald's Jack Digger

High-selling Percheron
2010 NAERIC Draft Horse Classic Futurity Sale


Ju-Ly Krystal
Sired by: Ju-Ly Anchor

Ju-Ly Image
Ju-Ly Image

Ju-Ly Invader
Ju-Ly Invader
Reserve Champion foal at the 2008 Manitoba Draft Foal Jackpot

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We feel it is important to attend and show at competitions each year. It keeps us abreast of the ever
changing market trends, helps meet new and old breed enthusiasts, and helps develop and season our horses.

2013 Shows

2012 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

Six horse hitch RMWF 2013

Four horse hitch RMWF 2013

Unicorn RMWF 2013

Ladies team RMWF 2013

Behind the scenes preparation

2013 Manitoba Pennwoods Draft Horse Futurity

Ju-Ly Liberty

Ju-Ly Levi

2012 Shows

2012 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

Light Draft Team

Unicorn at RMWF

Six Horse Hitch at RMWF

Obstacle Course RMWF - Graham Thomson on the lines

2011 Shows

Virden Fair

Three generation
Three generation photo - Lyle, Bertha, Shane (l-r)
Winning the Ken Brown Memorial
for Supreme Champion of the Show
at the MB Percheron Show with Ju-Ly Halt

2010 Fairs

2010 World Percheron Congress - Des Moines, Iowa

Six-up combined hitch
Six Horse Hitch WPC 2010
combined hitch - Rosehill Percherons (Ruzicka)/Browns Percherons (Brown)

Adams Acres Regal
Adams Acres Regal - Light Draft Gelding

Kerwin's Socrates
Kerwin's Socrates - Heavy Draft Gelding
3rd place Gelding 6 yrs & over at the WPC 2010

2010 Manitoba Percheron Show

Kerwin's Socrates(see photo above)
Reserve Champion Gelding at the Manitoba Percheron Show 2010

Grand Champion Mare 2010 MB Percheron Show
Grand Champion Mare at the 2010 Manitoba Percheron Show
Ju-Ly Hope

Ju-Ly Intruder
Ju-Ly Intruder - 2-year-old gelding

2010 Birtle Fair

Six in Birtle
Six in Birtle 2010

Six in Birtle

2010 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

2009 Fairs

2009 Manitoba Percheron Show

Ashursts Mathew
Supreme Champion at 2009 Percheron Show
and Reserve All-Canadian Gelding in 2009
Ashurst's Mathew
5 year old gelding

Ashursts Mathew

Ju-Ly Hope
Ju-Ly Hope - 2 year old filly
Junior Champion Mare at 2009 Percheron Show

Grand Sun Joy
Grand Sun Joy
1st in the broodmare class Manitoba Percheron 2009

Grand Sun Joy

JC Arthur
JC Arthur
Reserve Junior & Reserve Grand Champion Stallion
Manitoba Percheron Show 2009

Ju-Ly Flame
Ju-Ly Flame - 4 year old lead gelding

Vic moving

1st place heavy draft gelding
Manitoba Percheron Show 2009

2009 Virden Fair

Champion team Virden 2009
Champion Team - all breeds
Virden Big "V" Classic 2009

Six in Virden 2009
Six in Virden 2009

2009 Harding Fair

Windemere's Beau
Windemere's Beau - 4 year old gelding
Champion Gelding and Supreme Champion
2009 Harding Fair

Windemere's Beau

Four in Harding Shane on lines
Winning Four in Harding 2009
Shane at the lines

Four in Harding 2009

2009 Birtle Fair

Six in Birtle 2009
Six in Birtle 2009

2008 Fairs

2008 Percheron Show

Kerwin Socrates
Kerwin Socrates went Supreme Champion Percheron at the Manitoba Percheron Show 2008!

Kerwin's Socrates

Kerwin Socrates

2008 Foal Show

2008 Harding Fair

Four horse hitch
Four horse hitch winner

2008 Birtle Fair

Vic & Kathy

2007 Fairs

2007 Manitoba Percheron Show

Halter in Virden 1
2007 Manitoba Percheron Show

Halter in Virden 2
2007 Manitoba Percheron Show

2007 Harding Fair

Six at Harding 2007
Six at Harding 2007

2007 Birtle Fair

Team at Birtle 2
Team at Birtle 2007

2004 World Percheron Congress

Mares WPC
Registered Mare Six World Percheron Congress 2004

English WPC
Draft Under Saddle - English
World Percheron Congress 2004

reg mare 4 WPC
Registered Mare Four
World Percheron Congress 2004

team of mares WPC
Team of Registered Mares
World Percheron Congress 2004

unicorn WPC
Unicorn - World Percheron Congress 2004

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NAERIC Draft Horse Classic Futurity

Ju-Ly Ige winning 2 yr old futurit
Ju-Ly Ige
Congratulations to Rose Hill Percherons on winning
the 2010 NAERIC Draft Horse Classic Futurity!
Good luck to Ames Percherons on the purchase of Ige.

Ju-Ly Gritt
Ju-Ly Gritt
Ju-Ly Gritt was the 2008 NAERIC Draft Horse Classic Futurity winner
at the Canadian Western Agribition winning a purse of $5100!

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Manitoba Pennwoods Draft Horse Futurity

2012 Manitoba Futurity

2012 Futurity yearling

2012 Futurity yearling

2011 MB Draft Horse Futurity

Ju-Ly Jema in cart class

2010 MB Futurity

Ju-Ly Jema
Ju-Ly Jema (by Kerwin's Maximus)
2nd place yearling at the
2010 Manitoba Pennwoods Draft Horse Futurity & Sires Sweepstakes

2008 Manitoba Pennwoods Draft Horse Futurity

July Hope
Ju-Ly Hope

July Houston
Ju-Ly Houston

2007 Manitoba Pennwood Draft Horse Futurity

Ju-Ly Flame II
Ju-Ly Flame II

Flame on rail
Ju-Ly on Flame II on rail at 2007 Futurity

Ju-Ly Galaxy II
Ju-Ly Galaxy II (yrlg) at 2007 Futurity

2005 Manitoba Pennwoods Draft Horse Futurity

Ju-Ly Dominator

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Saddle horses have always been a big part of our life; be it ranch work, pleasure riding,
roping, or barrel racing.

Although we haven't implemented a breeding program for this type of horse, we really
enjoy training and developing other breeder's products.

We always have 15 - 20 Quarter Horses at various stages of training, with our focus
being on roping and barrel horses. We pride ourselves in our training program, in developing
these horses into solid, sound athletes and matching them with the right person for the right purpose.

We only sell a select few each year.

We also take on outside horses for custom training.

MS Manitoba
Kathy aboard MS Manitoba

Lyle and his team roping partner Bill Robb - the rope KING,
in action at Virden Indoor Rodeo.

Barrel racing at Royal Manitoba Winter Fair


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